Friday 23rd of June 2017

Gwen Hanner Counseling & Hypnotherapy

Combining 25 years of experience as a therapist with expertise in both Western and Eastern healing arts, Gwen Hanner’s compassionate approach to counseling is customized to each of her client's needs and goals. Her treatment plans can combine Western psychology, hypnotherapy, EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), mindfulness meditation, yogic relaxation, breathing practices and Buddhist psychology into a skillful flow of effective integrative therapy.

Gwen is certified as a clinical expert in Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, (a highly specialized hypnotherapy treatment) and has over 20 years of clinical hypnotherapy experience. Gwen is a provider of EMDR a first line therapeutic modality recommended for trauma and PTSD. Gwen also combines cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with mindfulness meditation training to facilitate reprocessing unhealthy beliefs. These practices combined have been proven in a clinical environment to relieve both psychological and physiological problems – literally restructuring neurological pathways and retraining the mind.

Gwen herself is a student of mindfulness and Tibetan Buddhist meditation, studying for the last 15 years and recently intensifying her practice. She regularly participates in intensive silent meditation retreats and meditates daily. Gwen also teaches weekly beginning mindfulness meditation classes to the public. Her personal understanding of the mind-body connection has made her an advocate of integrative therapy, and she gains joy in helping her clients reconnect with themselves in order to reach their lives' full potential.

Gwen also facilitates Skillful Mind Yoga Teacher Training (a 200 hour registered yoga teacher training program) for individuals who want to integrate yoga and meditation with psychology and counseling.





Gwen is an expert yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance and has been practicing yoga for 30 years.  Gwen provides individual and group yoga for depression and anxiety. Some of her treatments include Pranayama (yogic breathing), Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation), and Restorative Hypno Yoga (restorative stretching combined with hypnosis and progressive relaxation).